Climate Change Policy and Practice

Leading organizations are aware of compliance challenges, increased focus on sustainability, and related risks and opportunities from the impacts of climate change.  Both public and private institutions face a combination of increased stakeholder demands and regulatory compliance requirements that influences operational and business decisions.

Risks related to climate change can be physical, regulatory, reputational and/or legal.  Institutions are challenged to integrate economic, environmental and social issues into their business models and, simultaneously, to deliver increasing value to their stakeholders. New and evolving regulations and economic instruments, both internationally and domestically, such as carbon taxes, cap-and-trade systems, new building codes, and fuel emission standards impact business operations and a company's competitiveness.

This creates a need for educated professionals who can interpret and apply these factors to their organization's business model and goal.

The Certificate in Climate Change Policy and Practice is designed to prepare professionals with the practical skills to better understand their environmental footprints. The greenhouse gas accounting, reporting and verification aspects of the program are grounded in ISO standards. The combination of practical and theoretical components will provide individuals the tools required to steer their organizations in the direction of sustainable practices and to meet the challenges of an expanding regulatory framework and the increasing need for sustainable initiatives. 

Explore the causes and impacts of global warming; government policies and the economics of climate change; strategic planning to respond to and minimize climate change; and the financial, environmental and business aspects of adaptation and mitigation efforts.

Students who complete this program will be prepared to create and implement an effective response plan to climate change issues that will reduce environmental damage and give your organization a strategic and competitive edge.

Required Courses: 

CCP 400 Climate Policy and Corporate Responses 
CCP 401 Sustainability Reporting    
CCP 402 Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Reporting
CCP 403 Greenhouse Gas Validation and Verification  

Students enrolled in the CCP program prior to 2016 have the option of taking one elective from the following programs or pursuing the 4 CCP courses noted above.
Environmental Management 


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