Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is becoming one of the fastest growing industries in the face of the current environmental crisis, resulting from dependence on fossil fuels and unprecedented global rate of development.

In this program, students will explore historical and current perspective on forms of renewable energy, their current usage in developed and developing nations, drivers in forming markets, and political will.  The interdisciplinary approach of this program challenges the learner to explore the impacts of renewable energy on the current global energy picture.   

Grounded in a holistic approach to sustainable development, the program aims to develop strategic, consensual, and inclusive solutions to the renewable energy and environmental management case studies.

The Certificate Program is comprised of four courses:  

Two compulsory courses:

CRE 400 - Principles of Renewable Energy 
CRE 401 - Biofuels 

Two of the following courses:

CRE 402 - Wind Energy
CRE 403 - Urban Energy Systems
CRE 404 - Solar Energy 

For detailed decriptions of the courses click on the course code above or see the individual courses section.


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