The application and payment process is completely online. All courses are $900 and there is a one time application fee of $100.  


Application procedure for new students - Please read all steps.

The application process for the Distance Education has been designed to be as straight forward as possible. The following steps describe the process. Please be sure to read through the instructions in full, before you set up your user account. You can also print off the instructions and follow them as you go through the registration process.


1. If you have not already registered for an account, please do so by clicking on the registration link. You will be prompted to enter some personal information, and then will need to click 'create user' to create your account.

Online Registration Link:

2. After completing the initial registration, you will be taken to the application. It has been divided into two parts: 'Personal Information' and 'Academic History'. At this stage you can upload your supporting documentation. This includes a COPY of your transcript, degree or diploma. The certificate programs at the School of the Environment recommend an undergraduate degree or diploma for admission.
At any time, you can move between these two sections by clicking on the appropriate tab. Also, please note that you may return to the application process at any time and continue where you left off. Your changes will be saved.

3. When you are satisfied that your application is complete and that your supporting documentation has been properly uploaded, click on the third tab entitled 'Review & Submit'.

4. When you submit your application, you will be prompted to pay a $100 one-time application fee. Upon payment, your application will be submitted to the Admission Office for review.

5. At this point, you have successfully submitted your application. You will be notified by email of any change in status, and by re-visiting the site, you can act accordingly. For example, you may be asked to forward supporting documentation if it was not uploaded to the site.

6. Once you have been accepted into your selected certificate program, you can log back into your account and select your courses for the upcoming term. To add your course for the upcoming term, please visit the 'Manage Courses' tab and click on the 'Add Courses' button. Please note, that you must pay for your courses before registration is complete. To pay for courses, please select 'User Account', and then choose the 'Financial Account' option.

7. **IMPORTANT**: Please visit the course schedules page for important dates, such as your first day of class. The program administrator will email each student with course access information in the week before your class begins. Please check your course syllabus for textbook requirements - see your Program page to link to your online syllabus. 


T2202A Tuition Education Certificate  

The Tuition and Education Amounts Certificate (T2202A) is based on the calendar year (January 1- December 31) and provides information on the  amount of eligible fees paid in the past year, and the number of months you attended in full and/or part time studies for the purpose of your income tax return. Eligible fees does not include your $100 application fee. 

T2202A Tuition Education Certificates for all School of the Environment, Distance Education students are currently provided by the Online Registration System (ORS), not ROSI. Your T2202A Tuition Education Certificate will be available to download from ORS by the end of February of each year. Please make sure your contact and course information is up to date in the ORS system. Your tax forms can be accessed under your 'User Account' tab.

For inquiries about your T2202A, please contact  

To access your T2202A or update your address in the Online Registration System:


Distance Education courses at the School of the Environment do not qualify for OSAP funding. If you reside outside of Ontario, please contact your Provincial higher education funder for eligibility requirements. 



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