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Certificate in Environmental Management

Environmental Distance Learning at the University of Toronto is a great tool for professionals all over the world.  I would recommend Environmental Distance Learning at the University of Toronto for Environmental Agencies workers all over the Americas, federal and state level.    

PB, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

"The Certificate in Environmental Management Program at the University of Toronto was a perfect way for me to obtain a solid and credible educational background in the field of Environmental Management. This gave me a base to switch into an environmental career from an unrelated one."

KM  Toronto, ON, Canada

"The Certificate in Environmental Management laid the foundation for achieving my desired career focus - management consulting with sustainability focus.  Since completing the course, I have gone on to establish a new consulting practice in Green Information Technology at my firm. Given my busy schedule, it was near impossible for me to take a full time course - the distance education program fit in well, and it had all the ingredients (great instructional support, team work, real-time chat) that make for a good learning environment."   

TD, Kingston, Jamaica


"CEM 402 provided a holistic view of environmental management. I learned a great deal about management options, stakeholder involvement and the process for dealing with conflict and uncertainty. I have been able to incorporate these principles into my daily work. I really enjoyed the topic - it confirmed that this is the right direction for me professionally."

CC, Victoria, BC

"This was my first course in a number of years since University and it was very educational and challenging. It generated a renewed awareness to environmental issues, both nationally and globally. It has helped me in my professional work by giving me a greater sense of what environmental management means from a corporate perspective and how to implement change. I really enjoyed the modules, especially Horse Logging, not something I would have otherwise known about, but it was quite interesting. Also the group gave me a chance to interact with other people from all over the country."

GS, Pretoria, South Africa


Certificate in GIS for Environmental Management

"GEM 401 course content was very good, with easy to understand, relevant handouts. I liked the user-friendly web portal. The strength of the program was the hands on approach to GIS software and the supporting theory. It is good for people new in the field of GIS. Also, a great instructor, who has lots of experience in this field."

LM, Saskatoon, SK

"What I liked best about the course was the step by step tutorials,
ESRI modules and training. I enjoyed the amount of information available to complete assignments, questions, discussions, and its relevance to Environmental Management i.e. Assignments pertaining to mock scenario’s of what a GIS specialist may encounter in the workplace." 

RM, Lethbridge, AB

"The GEM 400 course is very 'real'. It is designed to provide solutions to problems we encounter around us and to provide fast and accurate responses to queries. The most interesting thing is the applicability of GIS to so many sectors (precision agriculture, hazard management, navigation, monitoring, etc). I really enjoyed the ESRI training modules to get the hands on experience with the guidance of the instructors."

VS, Osaka, Japan 


"GEM 400 provided in-depth and constant exposure to GIS technology which contributed to a strong sense of accomplishment; I felt that with each question I completed, the enjoyment of this subject grew. I enjoyed the assignment`s relevance to current environmental issues and the discussion forum to learn other people`s GIS interests and how GIS is used on the job."

SR, Brazil


Certificate in Renewable Energy

"I found this course provided a good background in renewable energy. The range of topics was good, the reading texts excellent, and the currency of the material fresh. Discussions were always interesting."

SP, Seattle, WA

"The course was very thorough and covered all aspects of the bio-energy field. I really enjoyed learning about an energy source that I had no real grasp on. The material was very new and realistic, very interesting." 

JD, Kelowna, BC

"My instructor had a very high level of knowledge. She was excellent and approachable. I enjoyed the Renewable Energy subject matter and high level of group interaction with quality peers. The Case Study was definitely the most interesting part of the course. I found it much more stimulating than writing more traditional papers."

DS, Dubai, UAE

"The CRE 400 course covered all aspects of renewables. Each division was touched upon. It provided a great overview for the field. The course readings were interesting and greatly added to my knowledge of the subject matter. I enjoyed the course very much. Quite simply, I enjoyed learning about this subject and hope to take it further."

DM, Halifax, NS


“As someone who is extremely busy with work and home life, I was in search of a program that would allow me the flexibility to learn and which still provided me with the level of education I expect from a top university. I was attracted to UT for two reasons - the Environmental program was a one of a kind program with topics of my interest, and after an extensive research I found UT to be a top University when comparing to others from around the world.
The schedule of classes and assignments fit my schedule perfectly and allowed me to be successful not only in school, but at work as well.  What I appreciated the most from the program, was the level of education and professionalism from the professors, I truly felt this was more of a Master's Program (or even a PHD level discussions) rather than a certification. I received great value from the program, especially the collaboration between fellow students and the professors using online technologies. This program directly and positively impacted my career advancement and personal goals, after completing the certification and posting my accomplishment on my resume I immediately received more interest and in fact landed a fantastic job.  Coming into the program, my expectation was to learn the current environment and gain personal knowledge, what resulted was making new contacts and enhancing my skill sets that lead to career advancement.
I recommend Environmental Distance Learning at the University of Toronto to anyone who is passionate about the environment, who is seeking personal knowledge in the topics, and who truly wants to broaden their skill sets
Distance Learning at UT not only embraced me and enabled me to succeed in my education endeavors, but also provided a wealth of knowledge and opened my mind to another level.”

AA, Carnation, WA, U.S.A.




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