Workshop 1:
The Investor's Perspective on Environmental Finance
October 28, 2004

Jane Ambachtsheer, Principal, Mercer Investment Consulting  • Options for incorporating environmental issues in investment strategies

Julie M. Desjardins, CA, Program Director, Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants - The Investor’s Perspective on Environmental Finance

Martin Grosskopf, Investment Manager & Manager of Sustainability Research, Acuity Investment Management Inc. - Environmental issues can have a material impact on equity valuations 

Michelle McCulloch, Innovest Strategic Value Advisors,  - An Investor’s Perspective on Environmental Finance: How Should Environmental Issues Impact Investment Decisions? 


Workshop 2:
Renewable and Clean Energy: Opportunities for Investors
December 9, 2004

Sandra Odendahl , Senior Manager, Environmental Risk Management, RBC Financial Group - Putting a Price on Carbon Dioxide - Risk or Opportunity for Banks?

Nick Parker, Chairman, Cleantech Venture Network LLC  - Cleantech Venturing - Players, Performance and Prospects 

Gilles Potvin, Senior Program Officer, Canada’s Clean Development Mechanism & Joint Implementation Office, Foreign Affairs Canada - Project Facilitation Support Through Canada’s CDM and JI Office 

 • Jane Rigby, Associate Vice-President, CO2e.com (Carbon Market Opportunities) - A Snapshot of Carbon Markets Around the Globe


Workshop 3:
Disclosure of Material Environmental Exposures: What Should Investors Expect?
January 20, 2005

Sarah Arulanandam, Project Manager & Sr. Technical Coordinator, RWDI Consulting Engineers West Inc. - Engineering Risk Assessments and Risk Communication 

Robert Repetto, Professor, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Senior Advisor, Stratus Environmental Consulting, Inc.,  - Disclosure of Financial Exposures to Climate and Other Environmental Risks  

Gray Taylor, Senior Partner, Environmental Group, Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP - Environmental Company  Disclosure: A Lawyer's Perspective

Alan Willis, President, Alan Willis & Associates & CICA  - The Elements of Good Reporting Practice: An Overview of Canadian Capital Market Disclosure Rules As They Apply to Environmental Exposures 


Workshop 4:
Financial Market Solutions for Environmental Risk Management: Trading, Risk Transfer and Structured Financial Products
March 31, 2005


George Boire, Vice-President, Environmental Solutions, Marsh Canada Ltd.  - Managing Environmental Risk to Create Competive Advantages 

Kedin Kilgore, Director, Global Emissions Markets, Natsource LLC,  - Environmental Market Drivers: REC and Clean Air Market Overview

Rodney White, Former Director, Institute for Environmental Studies, Geography Professor, University Of Toronto  - The Weather Market  

Martin Whittaker, Senior Vice President, Environmental Risk Solutions, Swiss Re Financial Services - Protecting your carbon asset: Emissions trading and risk management  

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